2016 Assembled Vehicle


$ 2,475

2016  Assembled Vehicle


This is a 2016 Assembled Roadster. Inspected by the State of Michigan, it was given a Vehicle Identification Number(VIN). Everything on this buggie was done right. We were told by the gentleman that came out from the State that this was the nicest buggie he had seen in a long time. The engine is a 1972 or 1973 1.7ltr. type 4 from a Porshe 914. The people we bought this from rebuilt it.New parts consist of....4 wheel disc brakes and all new brake linesNew Igniter Rims and New tireswindshield wipe...



  • Condition: Used

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Location: 49009, Kalamazoo, Michigan

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Seller: Densea1971 Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

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